Co-Founder Megan Merid Interview with She's Legendary
May 1, 2020

"In late 2018, Target approached us with interest and we created and pitched an additional brand that is now in select Target locations throughout the US and on Target.com called Love You First by REALHER. Love Your First or "LYF" is targeted for tweens and teens. I recall vividly what it was like being an adolescent and teenager, those were some tough years for me. If I could help change this in some way for young girls including my daughter than I am all for it!"


"Equities News Q&A: Megan Merid, Co-Founder of REALHER" written by Silvia Davi from Equities News
March 30, 2020

"Our sister brand, Love You First or “LYF,” which is exclusive to Target, is for the tween and teen demographic. We launched it in February 2020, and this brand is a different assortment of products and made to appeal to those fun young ladies out there looking for colorful formulas, cute packaging and optimistic marketing that encourages these gals to love themselves starting at a young age."


"Launching At Target, Makeup Brand Love You First Has A Confidence-Boosting Message For Teens And Tweens" written by Rachel Brown from Beauty Independent
February 6, 2020

“When I was creating the brand, I was thinking of my young daughter and the things that would be important to me when she starts playing with makeup in a few years. We are not natural, but we are nontoxic, cruelty-free and safe for children,” says RealHer and LYF co-founder and VP of business development Megan Merid, mother to almost 4-year-old Faven. “Secondly, I would want her to reach for something positive. Like RealHer, Love You First has words of encouragement.” LYF has uplifting shade names such as Persevere, Loved and Secure, while RealHer incorporates affirmations, including “I am powerful” and “conquer from within,” on its packaging.